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Business Insurance Broker can help find the cover that’s right for you and your needs.

As part of the largest combined general insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, we offer exclusive and tailored products to provide greater protection and value for your business. Our team have an in depth knowledge of the insurance market and can help you understand the fine print of policy wordings. We will help you recognise the risk exposures of your occupation and then recommend a policy from the major insurers based on levels of cover, competitive premium and the insurer’s claims rating. We endeavour to save you time, money and potential heartache.

Business Insurance Broker can also offer Personal insurance options for our clients. This can be Motor Vehicle, Home & Contents, Landlord and even Travel insurance.

We also make life a lot easier when it comes to making an insurance claim. Once you contact us about a potential claim, we can lodge the claim on your behalf and follow up with the insurer to ensure the best outcome possible. Our industry knowledge means we can facilitate a quick and painless claims process so you have an outcome sooner.

We bring the right balance of Personal Service, Knowledge, and Experience and will always have your best interests at heart.

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Insurance at a Glance

Protects you from legal action taken against you if someone suffers a financial loss after following your professional advice or as a result of receiving your service.

Covers damage or loss to buildings, contents and stock caused by insured events (eg Fire, Storm Damage) and accidental damage.

Covers your business for legal costs and compensation costs that you might have to pay if you are found liable to someone because you caused death or injury, loss or damage to their property, or economic loss due to your negligence.

Businesses that supply, deliver or sell goods, even in the form of services or repairs, may need cover against claims of goods causing damage, injury or death. Product liability cover protects you if any of these events happen to another person or business by the failure of a product you are selling.

Theft insurance generally covers your business against loss or damage to your stock and contents if someone forces their way onto your premises, or uses deception to get in to your premises. It usually does not cover cash losses, which can be covered separately.
As it suggests, this covers your money for theft at the premises, in transit and at your private residence.
Covers machinery and equipment used in your business. Some policies may also cover stock damages as a result of the breakdown.
Covers against fraudulent or dishonest actions committed by employees that directly results in loss of money, negotiable instruments or goods.

This is compulsory in all states and territories for businesses with a certain number of employees.

Every state and territory requires mandatory motor vehicle accident personal injuries insurance for all company or business vehicles.
Many different types of policies are available, so make sure you understand the options before making a decision. Consider the three most common options below:
1. Comprehensive
2. Third party property damage
3. Third party, fire and theft

Covers costs incurred by your accountant, or registered tax agent, when notified by the Australian Taxation Office to conduct an audit or investigation into your tax liability.

Covers businesses that suffer a loss because they cannot trade for a period of time due to loss or damage from a weather event, flood, fire or other insured interruptions.

Covers businesses for the deterioration of chilled, refrigerated or frozen goods and stock if a refrigerator or freezer unit storing these goods breaks down and spoils the items.

Covers the replacement of external and internal glass, as well as specified glass items.
Covers the loss of, or damage to, goods you buy, sell or use in your business when they are in transit by road, rail, air and sea. It also covers damage to property – such as tools and equipment – while in transit within a defined set of geographical limits.
Covers accidental damage or loss to computers and electronic equipment and data.

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